Superannuation is the best way to prepare for your retirement. It is convenient. It is compulsory (for employees). And it is extremely tax-advantaged.

But super is about more than just retirement planning. Used well, super can become the central point of your entire financial plan. Super can and should be used to complement every other part of your financial management: insurances, investments, taxation, home ownership, estate planning, how and when you might help your kids financially – the list is essentially endless.

Managing your super effectively means choosing both the right kind of fund (retail, industry or self-managed) as well as the right specific fund. You might even decide that you will benefit from having more than one super fund, as different funds bring different benefits to members.

Once we have chosen a fund, we help you to get the most from that fund – including making use of ancillary benefits such as risk insurances.

Some people are attracted to the idea of managing their own super, giving them maximum control over their retirement savings. If this is you, we can assist with all aspects of establishing, running and, eventually, closing the fund.