Helping you achieve your financial dreams


Building your wealth is about choosing the investments that are best suited to you while providing you income while you hold them and capital when you sell them.


Risk insurance is about protecting your wealth, your loved ones and, if you’re a business owner, your business. We also help you minimise the premiums.


We help you retire as comfortably as possible and that includes deciding when and how to start to make the transition from working life to retirement.


Brett Geappen Financial Services has been providing expert advice to our valued clients for more than 10 years.

We provide the highest level of professionalism to provide practical solutions to all of your financial challenges. Our commitment to you is matched only by our commitment to our own development as your adviser. We spend hundreds of hours each year investing in our own bank of knowledge and skills, so that you can be confident that we are and will always remain expert advisers in all areas of personal and business financial management.


You can find us in our office at Suite 7, 2 Bayfield Street Rosny Park TAS 7018.