There are only so many hours in a day, days in a year, and years in a career. This means that it is very difficult to become wealthy due to your labour alone. Any person who is serious about accumulating real wealth needs to make effective use of investment. We can show you how.

Successful investing is not just a matter of choosing the right assets. Obviously, assets are important, but so is the way in which those investments are held. They might be held within superannuation, for example, or within a family trust, investment company, etc. You might need to factor in things like asset protection if there is a risk that someone will be subject to legal proceedings. Or you might want to think about maximizing the wealth that you leave to future generations, and therefore your investment planning needs to be made with a view to taxation and estate planning.

Having decided on how best to hold your assets, the best method of investing in those assets also needs to be decided. Some people are suited to direct investment, where they manage their own share or property investments. Others are suited to indirect forms of owning assets. Much depends on your confidence and – very importantly – the other demands on your time.

All of our investment advice is provided in the context of your intended use of the proceeds of the investment. This use is the major factor in determining your risk profile, which tells you how conservative you should be when pursuing your investment objectives. We make the process of identifying your risk profile a particular priority, and we base all of our investment recommendations on this profile.